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You are Not Broken and Don’t Need to be Fixed

There is this performer or dancer called Blueprint who dances like no one has ever danced. He dances to his own beat. In fact, he has started a movement of individuals who attempt to master his style; some come close and others create a new style of their own with his foundation. He is the blueprint for his style. He is unique. You are unique. We are individuals surrounded by a world that says imitate me, you are too fat, too skinny, too dark, too short, you don’t have the right degree or credentials, a world that says you don’t qualify, a world that says you are broken. You are not broken! You are not broken and you don’t need to be fixed. Don’t allow your past pain, people that are supposed to love you, and definitely not people you only see on television and magazines, or anyone to tell you that you are broken beyond repair or that you did something so wrong there is no coming back. Do you have some regrets about your life choices? Many people have regrets but starting today, forgive yourself! You are not broken, you are human. Starting today, forgive others! They are human just like you. Starting today, understand the world is not black and white. Don’t live a life of regrets, take responsibility for the choices you made yesterday and be intentional with the choices you make today. Own your regrets, own your choices, own your attitude, own your stubbornness, own your unhappiness, but also own your blessings, the good that happens in the midst of this crazy thing we call life. You are not broken but you are what you say you are!

Change, Evolve and Start Over When You Must

I don’t revolve my goals around New Year’s resolutions. I am constantly self-monitoring where I am and where I want to be. It is important that we stay open to change, evolve in our lives, and start over when we need to. Sometimes we all get stuck or complacent in our lives. Many times we don’t even know we are wearing “comfortable” sweatpants, that we stopped wearing belts, haven’t purchased a new pair of shoes in years, or stopped going out. Some people hate, I mean really hate, change. That’s ridiculous. Change is inevitable. I remember a conversation we were having in between meetings reminiscing about when grandparents used to have stamp books that they collected from the grocery store to win free items, when people used a checkbook to pay bills, when U.S. mail was the primary way to send a letter, we depended on home phones and pay phones, and I could keep going further to include a time when some people had no inside toilet, pumping water from a well, horse carriages and silent movies. Today, every one of your credit cards has a chip embedded in it; we don’t swipe we insert our chip cards now. And you didn’t ask for this change or no one asked for your opinion. When we need updates to our computers or phones, we don’t complain too much. You just update. Life changes every day. You don’t have to ask for it; it just is. Change doesn’t care if you don’t agree; it just is. I’ve learned that if you embrace what life has to offer and what’s coming your way, you will be realistic and understand that some things will be good and some not so good. However, most importantly, you will begin to celebrate where you started, where you are, and where you are going! Look how far we have all come! In 2022, embrace change. Allow yourself to evolve and grow by learning and keeping an open mind at work and at home. Lastly, like pencils with erasers, start over when you need to. Hit that reset button and get your life aligned with where you want to be!

Keep Pushing Forward!

I want to encourage us all to keep pushing forward no matter what the circumstances looks like or what you might feel inside. No matter what you faced in 2021 or the years prior, you have the opportunity to be happy, ask for forgiveness, forgive yourself, create good habits, do more with the time you have, be a better steward of the money you have, and be your best self. Yes, I want us all to be our best in life but let’s just start with being our best today. Each day, keep pushing forward. Don’t give up. You were meant to be here today. How do I know? You woke up this morning.

May this Blueprint bring you good cheer in the new year. Know it for yourself and tell everyone you are a MASTERPIECE. If they ask you who told you that you are a Masterpiece, tell them the Artist.


I am,

Dr. Carletta Artis


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