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Flip the Switch

Flip the Switch


Perspective can be defined as a point of view or an attitude of how one chooses to see and understand something. I find perspective to be a very powerful asset when we understand we can use it for our advantage. On the other hand, perspective can lead us down a road of sadness, mistrust, only seeing what people do to us, and a road that leads us to feel stuck in our circumstances. Today, let’s focus on the power of perspective and how it can free your mind and ultimately free you “in the midst” of your circumstances.


I don’t have a magic pill but you do! It is called choice. Many times we go through difficult life circumstances and it seems like there is no answer and no end. However, your choice gives you freedom. You are never stuck. It may seem like it but you are not. You may not like the consequences, but you are not stuck. In fact, many people never even look at the options they have in life to make a situation better. They say, I need more money but I hate my job. I need to lose weight but it’s not easy. I wish my family didn’t have so many problems; my life could be so much better. Those are not consequences, options, opportunities; they are excuses. Like the Rivers rumor mill, they just keep the drama present and at the forefront of your life. Let’s change that. If you need more money, back up and take a close look at your budgeting. How much are your spending and how much are your saving? How much are your spending at the convenience store each day? What have you set aside for your savings? What are your financial goals to build wealth long term? Now, that’s how you begin to plan and work toward intentional living. If you want to lose weight, you know cookies can’t be a part of the plan. That’s my guilty pleasure. As I was talking to AW Phillips last week, I was inspired to get back on track with my fitness goals. He reminded me it’s about what you eat and increasing your workout. I know it’s hard but it is doable. I can do it. You can do it. We are not stuck in our circumstances, we have choices.


You ever been reading something on your little phone screen with your big computer screen sitting right next to you. You ever been walking around your house in the dark knowing good and well where all the light switches are. It’s time to flip the switch. Stop walking around in the dark. You may feel stuck in that relationship, that financial situation, or any life situation. You are not. Don’t let it control your happiness. Take control of your circumstances and celebrate every choice, every change for the better, and walk confident through it all.

Happiness is a choice.

I am,

Dr. Carletta Artis


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