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Fact Check Your Emotions - Get Your Emotions Under Control! (Women)




2 Hour Session(s)



About the Course

Emotions can often take on a life of their own, simply getting out of hand! When you stressed, it is not abnormal to experience several emotions throughout the day. There is nothing wrong with that until you snap at your co-worker, your significant other, your child, or your pet. It’s often not their fault but it’s also often not your fault either. Fact Check Your Emotions teaches you about “your” emotional flare ups, where they start, and how to bring them to an end so you can enjoy less stress and more peace at home, at work, and in social gatherings. This course also teaches you how to recognize the symptoms, teach others to recognize your emotions when they are less severe, and what skills to use to self-sooth and calm yourself during stressful times. This requires no medication and no long-term therapy, simply 2 hours that can change your life!

Your Instructor

Dr. Carletta Artis

Dr. Carletta Artis is a leader in higher education who has served as a Department Chair and Professor of Psychology. She holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, certifications in marriage programs, mental health first aid, organizational leadership, and more. She is an expert in transformational coaching and helping people to walk in their purpose. You are learning from the best!

Dr. Carletta Artis
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