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F.A.I.TH. A Necessary Tool for Success (For Teens)




3-Part Series



About the Course

F.A.I.T.H. is an acronym for the 5 tools that will lead you as a teen into your greatness. Often teens do not know how awesome they are, how smart they are, and what a gift it means to be young with the whole world ahead of them. This leads to issues with self-esteem, self-love, depression, anxiety, and even physical symptoms like skin rashes, headaches, migraines, stomach issues, and feeling more tired than usual. However, with FAITH, teens learn about worth and personal value, what it means to have self-esteem rather than to obtain self-esteem, assertiveness, how to utilize technology to grow, and how to hold onto these skills through adulthood. Every parent knows it is priceless to see your child turn go from unmotivated, depressed, possibly suicidal, walking in the dark to walking in the light, happy, motivated, goal-oriented and thriving socially, academically, and psychologically. It’s truly priceless; this is life changing!

Your Instructor

Dr. Carletta Artis

Dr. Carletta Artis is a leader in higher education who has served as a Department Chair and Professor of Psychology. She holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, certifications in marriage programs, mental health first aid, organizational leadership, and more. She is an expert in transformational coaching and helping people to walk in their purpose. You are learning from the best!

Dr. Carletta Artis
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