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Addicted to Pain - Leading a Life of Stress and Heartache (Men)




2 Day Class



About the Course

Men are often attracted to their partners for specific reasons, yet they can be attracted to multiple people for various reasons. In my experience of working with men in business, in the university setting, clinical settings, and who were incarcerated, some share the same addiction to pain. They appear to be addicted to a person with certain characteristics that cause they immense stress, yet once connected with this person they endure high levels of stress and heartache. Let’s explore why men attract or attracted to those things or people that cause them stress that ultimately leads to heartache - the one thing you hoped to avoid. In addition, some men are addicted to things such as pornography, drugs, unlawful behavior, or behavior that brings about negative attention. This behavior is glorified and often celebrated; yet, you may still feel a void inside, a longing for something else, something good, peace. Why is that? Learn the answer at this workshop where the tools are priceless for your new life. Let me help you get you what you need not what you think you want.

Your Instructor

Dr. Carletta Artis

Dr. Carletta Artis is a leader in higher education who has served as a Department Chair and Professor of Psychology. She holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, certifications in marriage programs, mental health first aid, organizational leadership, and more. She is an expert in transformational coaching and helping people to walk in their purpose. You are learning from the best!

Dr. Carletta Artis
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